Ms. Clara

In the Ms. Clara series of stories, children learn manners and ethics in a fun way. Kindness, fairness, commitment, and forgiveness are just a few of the subjects addressed.
Here is a sneak peek at Ms. Clara.

Ms. Clara loved kids. She loved little kids and medium sized kids and big kids! Shucks, she loved everyone ’cause aren’t we all just big kids when we grow up? And she loved it when people dropped by to visit. She always had a cookie, a cupcake or other type of sweet ready. And tea or milk to wash it all down of course! But most “kids” did not remember the sweets as much as they remembered how kind Ms. Clara was! And she came with a bonus, because she had a magic apron!

I have already tried the stories out on my Grandkids and they seem to love the whimsy and magic and hopefully they learned a lesson or two as well.
Stay tuned for further updates. God has provided an awesome illustrator for the book so I am already very excited!