Let’s not lump stuff in baskets

I was thinking this morning about how our present culture wants to lump us all in baskets and then label those baskets with ridiculous biases, then shame us for existing.
We are baby boomers or millennial’s, democrats or republicans, males or females, rich or poor, Christians or Muslims or whatever label we choose to pick. Then we are sectioned off into race: black, white, Asian, Hispanic and the list goes on.
This is not bad in and of itself, but then the labels get pasted on the baskets. Add the word “all” to the label and hate takes root.
For instance if we begin to think that all men are rapists, or all whites are racists or all women are pro-choice, we sadly do harm to our whole society.
But God does not put us in baskets and he does not apply labels that don’t define us.
God looks at each one of us as individuals He has fashioned into his image. He looks at our hearts and He judges us on just one thing: Do we know and love his son?
“Therefore, there is now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus. ” Romans 8:1 NIV
So we too need to be careful as we look on our fellow members of the human race and make sure that we don’t define an individual by the basket he might get shoved into. Let us practice loving one another as Christ loves us.