I am an escapist, I have to admit. When real life just gets too much, I hide away in another land, meet new people, see new things. I love to go to places back in time where life was simple and all things were made better by a slice of lemon pie. Or where mysteries are solved by the end of the book. Yes, I am an avid reader and I am thankful to each author that spent the enormous amount of time it took to take me on my trips far away! I realize now just what a sacrifice it is to put yourself out there, to lay your soul bear and hope the world will be just a little bit kind! But how sad it would be if we did not have this privilege of picking up a book, turning page after page as we hide away from  reality just for a bit! If you can read, thank a teacher! But if you have something to read, maybe you should thank an author, too. 😉