Celebrating life

Yesterday I attended a funeral for a sweet cousin who was 2 years my junior.  That really hits home!  It was sudden and unexpected so it made it especially hard.  But even though it was breaking our hearts to say goodbye so soon, we were also rejoicing with her because we hold the hope she is finally “home”!  She loved God and had received Christ as her Saviour, so the Bible tells us she is now with God for an eternity!

There is hope for all of us.  This life maybe short and often times filled with sadness and pain, but for those who believe, there is a chapter next!  Don’t wait to put your trust in Jesus.  He is there waiting to welcome you now!

I am praying for you.  I am praying for all those who read my book, because it points you to the most important life manual of all, God’s Word, a love letter written to each one who will believe! 💝