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It’s Here – Book Two of the Mystic Trilogy

After Socorro, age twelve and Kristal, age fourteen return from the adventures On Mystic Mountain, they find themselves suddenly transplanted to a Scottish Island! The family has inherited Castle Rossmore, on a remote island far away from the life the kids are used to. Not knowing who gifted them with the property, the kids seek to uncover the answer as well as many other mysteries they find as they explore the massive castle.

Although the island is beautiful and intriguing, they soon learn that it has a dark side as poachers seek to capture and sell a very rare Snowy Owl! The kids work together to protect the wildlife on the island from the perils that seek to destroy them.

Enjoy the beauty, freedom and intrigue as you visit Mystic Island. Laugh with the kids as they have many encounters with the puffins, owls, sea creatures and Highland Cows! It’s not like any other island you’ll ever visit.

Book One of the Mystic Trilogy (2nd Edition)

In this enhanced edition, Kristal and Socorro Frazier’s family vacation quickly turns into a challenge to survive when the two young siblings get separated from their parents during a camping trip. They are pressed to use their skills and wits as they face the trials of being alone and afraid. Not only do they have to find food and shelter but they quickly learn that there is something very unusual about the mountain they are lost on. They are threatened by natural disasters as well as evil creatures who seek to harm them and trap them and fill them with fear and doubt. When the siblings get separated and the evil creatures capture Socorro, they almost give up hope of ever surviving and finding their parents again. But during these extreme trials they also discover (with the help of some very unusual woodland friends) that they can overcome the evil if they fight with all their spiritual might.

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Everybody’s Favorite Aunt

Even kids have not-so-good days. Life can be very puzzling at times, but if you want to forget your troubles for a bit, step into Ms. Clara’s cozy home for a sweet treat and some sound advice. Lost pets, scary procedures, bad dreams and dealing with bullies seem to magically disappear when at Ms. Clara’s house!

Ms. Clara stories advocate morals and manners in a delightful way! A wholesome storybook that children and parents can agree on. And they will also agree that Ms. Clara is everyone’s favorite neighbor.

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Easter Eggs

Let me tell you about Easter eggs. No, not the pretty decorated type we associate with bunnies and spring, but those found in books. Have you heard of them?

I recently learrned that most books contain hidden messages for close family and friends to find. A little something to make them smile and remember something or relate to the situation. So are there Easter eggs in my books? Yes, all of my books contain Easter eggs!

On Mystic Mountain has a character by the name of Yazzie. He is a racoon. A wise racoon that is a close pal to the Native American character, Sam. My sister loves racoons, so I put him there just for her! But his unique name also has meaning. Yazzie is the Navajo word meaning little or small. As a child, I had a dog named Yazzie, a tiny chihuahua. I grew up in Northern New Mexico, so I used this name because I knew it would have meaning for my friends there. And they found it and commented on the special Easter egg just for them!

On Mystic Island holds a few Easter eggs as well. Since the book is in its infancy, I won’t reveal them yet! I want my friends and family to find them first. Ask me later! Ms. Clara and the Amazing Apron has many Easter eggs! You may recognized the children’s names. Each one holds a special relationship to me or my illustrator. Even the pet’s names have meaning. So fun!

I hope you learned something new today about Easter eggs. Ask me in an email and I’ll reveal a few more to you. And once I have your email address, I can keep you updated on what is going on in my author world. Click the email link below to send me an email.